Skimmer installed video

Preparing to International Bike Championship

Passive dewatering device:

A skimmer is a passive dewatering devicethat draws water from the surface of a sedimentation basin. Located at the outfall end of the basin, it "skims" and discharges the highest quality water from the basin and discharges it through the outfall pipe.

Installation Guide

Skimmer quality control

California Bike Championship: Behind the Scenes

ESC Quality and Service

ESC has the ability to cut and certify all of our skimmer orifices. By installing an orifice you will be able to infinitely control the flow of water from the pond. Our ability to ship anywhere in the country next day sets us above all other competitors. Price, quality, and service, all guaranteed.

Orifice Certification

Skimmer overview

Skimmer lunch and learn overview

As ESC skimmers has grown over the years our commitment to quality has only gotten stronger. Our team has doubled in size, ordering, sizing, purchasing and shipping is all done through a dedicated team. In order to more familiarize yourself with our products call Marcus and request a lunch and learn. It provides 1.5 hours continuing education credit.